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Thinking of a vehicle wrap?

Things to consider

Welcome to the new sign revolution blog. If you’ve got questions about signage for your business in 2020 we’re here to answer them.

Vehicle signage, it’s the cheapest way to advertise your business and make ongoing impressions.

Car wraps make a huge visual impact. Professionally applied, with a high-quality vinyl adhesive, a car wrap may protect your car for years.

Vehicle signage general Q&A

What’s the difference between car wraps and cut vinyl car signage?

Full vehicle protection. A full car wrap can keep your car’s bodywork in great condition if you plan to maximise the vehicle’s resale value.

Cut vinyl signage will protect the area of the vehicle surface it is on, the rest of the vehicle will dull and fade over time. This is called ghosting, as when the cut vinyl is removed it will leave very noticeable, darker, shinier areas on the paintwork, professional cut and polish may buff these out. Vinyl car wraps may help protect the entire panel so there’s limited ghosting when wrap vinyl is removed.

Full wrap or partial wrap?

You choose. We can create your vehicle signage in an all-over or partial wrap design to suit your budget and desired style.

Each type of wrap has it's specific advantages in terms of cost and impact.

How long does the vehicle wrap last?

It really depends on a few factors, strict aftercare adherence, the quality of the vinyl and the quality of the installation.

Here in Sunbury (Melbourne) if you look after your car your wrap should remain vibrant up to 5 years. Other factors include the age of the vehicle, the exposure to the weather, the maintenance of the vehicle and how well you care for the wrap.

Does a car wrap need to be maintained?

You can extend the life of your vinyl wrap through hand washing and storing your car in a garage. Prolonged exposure to the sun and rain is detrimental to the vinyl over time. We will supply you with a wrap care advice sheet supplied by Avery Dennison along with recommendations on cleaning and care products.

Will a car wrap damage the paintwork on my car?

When your wrap is professionally applied to original paintwork in good condition, there is minimal chance of damage. However, different factors including Australias UV zone rating, storage of your vehicle and if your vehicle has been repainted there is no guarantee that your paintwork will be perfect if you remove the vinyl wrap. What if my paintwork is not perfect? A great wrap requires a great paint job and a high precision application. A wrap will not hide the flaws in your vehicle and it will create vinyl adhesion problems. Any signs of scratches, chips, dents or oxidized surfaces will cause poor adhesion.

Can a vinyl vehicle wrap be removed?

Yes, often the removal requires heat and special tools and we carefully apply cleaners to ensure the safe removal of any adhesive residue. For the protection of the vehicle’s original paintwork, we recommend using experienced signage professionals.


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